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Casa los Tejones is located in the middle of the village of Pinos del Valle, which in turn lies in the centre of the Lecrin Valley in the beautiful surroundings of Andalusia.

Those who love peace and quietness may have found the perfect place here. But those who prefer a more active stay, will not be disappointed either.

Hiking, cycling, golf, horseback riding, water sports, skiing, you'll find it all within a comfortable distance.

The average tourist has not yet discovered Pinos del Valle. One can only find one bar, one bakery, two shops, one bank, one pharmacy ...

Whoever comes to our village, does not come for nocturnal entertainment, but for peace and nature.

Its location at 700 meters makes the high Andalusian summer temperatures tolerable.


Grenery, water, olives, lemons, crickets and cycads and so much more. That is the Lecrin Valley, that is Pinos del Valle, that is also Casa Los Tejones.

Green because in the middle of the village you can relax on our green lawn.

Water because our casa offers a swimming pool, indispensable during the hot Andalusian summers.

Olives and lemons because they grow in our garden and will be served on your breakfast table after some extra treatments.

Crickets and cycads because they sometimes make a deafening sound, especially on hot summer days.

And much more because we offer you accommodation, we take care of your breakfast, help you plan your trips and try to help you with advice and action to make your holiday a success.

Pinos del Valle is an ideal base for numerous cultural and sports activities.


Granada: Alhambra and Generalife, Albaicin and Sacromonte, the cathedral, flamenco performance with or without dinner, these are just a few highlights that you can visit and experience at about 35 km from Pinos del Valle.

Malaga: This birthplace of Picasso also has a lot to offer. There are some nice museums such as the Center Pompidou Malaga, the Picasso Museum and a surprising Car Museum, a museum for almost everyone worthwhile. You can also explore the city with a train or by using the Malaga Bike Tour with guide. A visit to the Alcazaba and the cathedral is also worthwhile. (115km / 1h30min.)

Guadix: This town is best known for its cave dwellings. Today there are still some 2000 cave dwellers. In the local museum you will find a lot of information about modern cave life. (96 km / 80 min.)

Antequera: In this white town the combination of culture, nature and gastronomy is obvious. You can explore the largest dolmen and limestone formations in Europe with the highlight of 'the rock of lovers' of 880m. A walk through the area takes you past impressive vantage points. And those who want to strengthen the body do not have to look long for an amazingly surprising local dish in Antequera. (140km / 1h50min.)


Pinos del Valle lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada nature park. The trained and less trained hiker can make beautiful multi-day hikes. For bicycle lovers there are many challenges here. Trips on horseback, with a 4x4 or E-bike are also possible.

The Sierra Nevada is also a great place for your ski or snowboard holiday. With more than 100 km of trails from green to black, all ski fans will find something to their taste.

Pinos del Valle is only half an hour drive from the beach and one hour from the ski slopes. If the weather is good, you can enjoy both on the same day.

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18658 Pinos Del Valle
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